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Web Page Design and Hosting

Our rates are really low, because the boss is used to his tiny teacher salary, and the rest of us are still in school.

Don't have a domain. We can get you apersonal domain name. Many domains cost less that $35 a year. You will own all rights to this domain.

We can create a simple webpage. Our usual cost is much less than $100.

We can host your site for about $8 a month.

If you are unhappy with your current site or it's cost, we might be able to change it,

If you want more legiminate hits to your site, we can talk about ways drive some people over.

If you are a small church, non-profit, or civic organization without a website, we will put you on the web at cost.

Meet us and let's discuss your web presence. See if we can help!

Ray Clark



State Hwy Z    Braggadocio, MO

facebook: Rayrayclark

731 334-7063










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